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VRU Online Safety Project:

We are excited to announce the commencement of our Online Safety Project within our community, generously funded by VRU and Rocket Science. The primary goal of this initiative is to heighten awareness among young children, aged 9-16, regarding crucial internet safety topics. With a focus on cyberbullying prevention, online privacy protection, phishing and online frauds, and the importance of robust passwords, the campaign aims to empower children to make informed decisions while navigating the digital landscape. By specifically targeting the vulnerable middle age group, we aspire to create a safer online environment for them. Moreover, imparting these essential skills not only ensures their immediate safety but also equips them with valuable knowledge that may inspire pursuits in computer science careers in the future. The project will be conducted at our offices in the Selby Centre, providing a secure and conducive space for this important educational initiative.

VRU Online Safety Project

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