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A little about us

Dalmar Heritage and Family Development is a Somali community organisation.

We provide a wide range of services to people in Enfield and Haringey, with an emphasis on training, education and personal development.

We warmly welcome everyone who has an interest in Somali culture and people, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please browse our site to learn about some of our past and current projects.

A bit of our history

The journey of our organisation began in 2008, but our own personal journeys began a lot earlier than that. We were founded and are run by people who left Somalia during its long civil war in the 1990s. Settling in the UK, we had to adapt to a new country, establish ourselves, and bring up our children. As the years went by, we began to realise that we had something valuable that we wanted to share with our children – our culture and our language. We saw that the more children learned about their heritage and language, the more they understood their parents and developed into rounded human beings.

Our projects began with cultural projects making books of stories in Somali and English. We went on to create a Mother Tongue school for children, and to develop this into a Supplementary School that helped children to do well at their mainstream schools. These projects led us onto further educational projects for adults as well as children, including projects teaching healthy eating and diet, projects providing employment training and projects teaching craft and sewing skills.

We continue to develop our ideas, our skills and our projects. Our journey has not finished, and we hope to continue to create projects and share with everyone the cultural heritage that we have brought to the UK.

Our Mission

We were founded in 2008 in Enfield

We help Somali families

to develop in the UK. We run projects for children, young people and adults.


Our Team

Shamsa Adan


Areas of responsibility are the day to day running of Dalmar and the development of project ideas.

Nur Maye Osman


 Areas of responsibility are financial controls and English and Somali translation.

Roda Abdirahman


Areas of responsibility are data archiving and book publishing.

Shukri Shula

First Aid

 Areas of responsibility are health and safety in our supplementary school

Richard Neville


Richard is a professional storyteller who has worked with us since 2008 on our storytelling projects.

Warsan Siyaad  

 Areas of responsibility are 

Aisha Mohamed 

Project manager  and communication officer

 Areas of responsibility are 

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