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Services & Projects

We help Somali families to develop in the UK. We run projects for children, young people and adults


Please follow this link to watch our film about our Somali Mother tongue class. The film shows children performing a Somali story called Ali Duluf. It shows the impact on children when they learn about their culture and heritage. 
Please follow this link to hear an English language version of a traditional Somali folktale - The Golden Mouse. You can download our book of this story containing both Somali and English language versions below.
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Haringey Health and Wellbeing Project

Haringey Health and Wellbeing Project:

The impact and outcomes of the Haringey Health and Wellbeing Project have been profound, fostering positive change within the local Somali community. Through educational workshops, health check-up events, and financial advice sessions, we've successfully engaged and supported 81 individuals. The project's focus on increasing knowledge, reducing stress, and improving budgeting skills has yielded tangible results, supporting 50 families in achieving these objectives. Beyond numbers, our initiatives have created a more informed and connected community, evidenced by the success of interactive events like breast cancer and mental health awareness workshops. The lasting impact is reflected in the community's enhanced understanding of health issues, improved well-being, and strengthened social connections, contributing to a more resilient and empowered Haringey community.


VRU Online Safety Project

VRU Online Safety Project:

We are excited to announce the commencement of our Online Safety Project within our community, generously funded by VRU and Rocket Science. The primary goal of this initiative is to heighten awareness among young children aged 9-16 regarding crucial internet safety topics. With a focus on cyberbullying prevention, online privacy protection, phishing and online fraud, and the importance of robust passwords, the campaign aims to empower children to make informed decisions while navigating the digital landscape. By specifically targeting the vulnerable middle age group, we aspire to create a safer online environment for them. Moreover, imparting these essential skills not only ensures their immediate safety but also equips them with valuable knowledge that may inspire pursuits in computer science careers in the future. The project will be conducted at our offices in the Selby Centre, providing a secure and conducive space for this important educational initiative.

Healthy Eating Project

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We wanted to learn about ways of improving diet and how to cook and grow healthy food. Please download our project book for recipes and advice.

Published Somali Storytelling Books

In our Somali classes, we learn to read and write in Somali; we learn about Somali culture. we tell and act out Somali stories. We tell Somali stories in Somali and English in schools and libraries. We produce books of Somali stories and cultural information

This book was created during a storytelling project that was run by Dalmar Heritage and Family Development in Enfield during 2010. We worked with parents and their children to tell stories and talk about Somali culture. We made this book to contribute to the hope among our parents that their children
would continue to speak and read Somali and remember the wealth of Somali folktales that is so important to Somali people everywhere.
This book could not have been produced without the help of many people. We would like to thank everybody who contributed to the project.  Please download our published Somali Storybooks

Grass Roots funded this project 




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Supplementary School and Storytelling Project

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We run numeracy and literacy classes. We run Somali classes to teach Somali language and culture. Our classes are run by qualified teachers
and all our lessons are fun as well as educational. 


In our Somali classes, we learn to read and write in Somali; we learn about Somali culture; we tell and act out Somali stories. We also invite other organisations to deliver workshops at our Supplementary School. The Storytelling project has been funded by the Trust for London. 

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Mothers and Daughters Project

The project funded by People's Health Trust and lasted for two years and provided a weekly session for mothers and daughters. Over the course of the project, we developed a space where mothers and daughters could meet together, make new friends and develop confidence through being an active member of a group.

The participants were responsible for all aspect of the project. They selected the activities, supported each other and developed a social network that continued outside the project.

The project challenged participants to learn and participate, and the results were very powerful for everybody who took part.

“Never in my life did I think I would learn so many things. Now when I am at home, I have things to do with my daughters instead of watching the TV.” (Project participant)

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Active Parents

Active Parents was a course that we provided through funding from Awards for All.

The course enabled the parents who participated to learn new strategies and ideas about parenting.

They learned important facts about child emotional and cognitive development and used this information to help their children reach their full potential in a happy and loving home.

We studied a range of areas – how to understand children’s needs at different stages of development; how to communicate with children; how to handle conflict with children; how to keep children safe; understanding the UK education system

“This course made me a strong and confident mother and changed my family” (project participant)