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Welcome to our organization! We are a positive and supportive community dedicated to helping adults, children, and young people from all backgrounds and ethnicities in the UK. We learn and grow together, creating successful futures for all.


We are proud to share the rich Somali culture with UK schools through our books and publications. Additionally, we are excited to announce that we have started Social Enterprise activities and will be presenting products from the Social Enterprise at our shop.

Promoting Cultural Diversity

We take immense pride in fostering an appreciation for the vibrant Somali culture within UK schools through our extensive collection of books and publications. As an organization deeply committed to our community, we actively listen to its needs and tirelessly strive towards a brighter future for all.

Please take a moment to browse our website to learn more about the projects and services we offer.



Have you heard about our latest funding and upcoming projects? With us, you can stay updated on everything that's about to start in the near future. You can even express your interest in our upcoming projects before they even begin.

Watch out this space to learn more..

Quick Look 

Here we are delighted to share our latest posters and leaflets showcasing our upcoming events and services at our center. Don't hesitate to get in touch for more details.

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What is Going On 

What is Coming On 


Mother Tongue (Somali language classes)

Welcome to our Somali Language Learning Project! This initiative is dedicated to children and young people, aiming to foster a strong connection with their mother tongue. Through engaging and interactive sessions, we seek to instill a love for the Somali language, preserving cultural heritage and identity. Join us on this enriching journey, where language becomes a bridge connecting generations and empowering our youth with the linguistic skills to embrace and celebrate their cultural roots.

If you are interested in the classes for  your child please contact us here


Developing Employment Skills

Welcome to our Employment Skills Development Project! This initiative is designed to equip individuals with essential skills for the job market. From computer proficiency and English language mastery to effective communication, CV writing, and interview preparation, we're here to empower you. Join us as we navigate the path to career success together, providing the tools needed to excel in today's competitive employment landscape. Let's build a foundation for your professional journey!

If you are interested in the sessions for yourself please contact us here.

Events Agenda

Stay informed about our upcoming events right here, where you'll discover comprehensive details for each occasion. Easily access associated links and complete application forms to ensure seamless participation.

Our Sponsors & Partners

Seedlings in Pots

With every workshop, every trip, every meeting we are seedling independence, opportunities, self-confidence and achievement within our community. Come and be part of it. 

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